Eco-retreat center seeking yogis, chefs, and green thumbs in Hawaii

Eco-retreat center seeking yogis, chefs, and green thumbs in Hawaii


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Eco retreat work exchange program, free voluntering

Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center is a half mile from the ocean on the eastern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii, approximately seven miles from the small village of Pahoa. The 10-acre ocean-view property is blessed with average daytime temperatures of 85° F year-round, and 65° F at night, with cool, fragrant trade winds, surrounding tropical flora, including old growth mangoes, nearby swimming, snorkeling and soaking in the thermal warm ponds; not far from the volcano too where one may view lava flowing.

About the work exchange and volunteer opportunity


Are you feeling called to retreat from the ‘normal’ and get back to what’s natural?

Are you yearning to channel your energy, focus, and expertise towards something more meaningful?

Are you seeking a like-spirited community, composed of free-thinking individuals who value awareness, understanding, equanimity, personal development and love?

Imagine finding fulfillment by living a life of seva (“service”) for your community and land, and regularly nourishing your body with organic medicine straight from the garden, centering your mind with yoga and other forms of movement meditation, and awakening your soul through meditation and communion with the divine. Does this possible life energize and excite you? If so, then we are excited to invite you to the Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Center in the magical land of Big Island, Hawaii!


We are an off-grid yoga, meditation and ecological Center in Pahoa, Hawaii. Leaders, instructors, and attendees from all over the world come to KMEC to host and experience unforgettable retreats, with a focus on health, wellness, and spirituality. And if you would like to take the entrepreneurial initiative, we also welcome and support members of our own staff who have ambitions of organizing and hosting their own retreats. When we aren’t hosting groups, we are open to the public as a community-oriented Bed and Breakfast (and Dinner!). We rely on solar power for our energy (we have a generator for cloudy days), rainwater (100% safely filtered) for drinking, and the land for much of our food & nourishment.

We are blessed to be living on a secluded ten acres of thriving organic fruit trees with views of the ocean and the fields of volcanic rock from the most recent lava flows – this is a truly unique and a wonderful place for inner and outer peace. We support individuals, couples and group retreats from a variety of cultures and beliefs with the intent of supporting and helping others progress and develop on their own path.

You will be sleeping in a cabin, most likely shared with 1 other volunteer, with comfortable beds, fresh towels and bedding. There is free satellite internet available, hot showers, flush toilets and shared fully-equipped kitchen. You will be responsible for your own medical insurance. We also offer daily yoga and meditation for our guests which is free for our staff, and you’ll have access to our yoga studio, meditation pavilion and library of spiritual literature anytime they are not in use for private sessions. You’ll also have access to our laundry facility, and any community gear that might be onsite, such as bicycles, snorkel gear, surfboards, and musical instruments. Finally, you’ll have full access to our 10 acre fruit and vegetable gardens, and weekly trips to the markets, local pot lucks and community parties.


You will be part of a thriving community of yogis, healers, artists, teachers, and seekers willing to share and collaborate on ideas and projects. The only limit is our imagination! We have management positions available for our Maintenance and Grounds, Greenhouse and Gardens, and Guest Services, as well as volunteer opportunities available in all departments.

As a volunteer, you would be required to help 25 hours a week in exchange for the aforementioned perks and amenities. And in exchange for $600/month, volunteer work traders will receive 3 meals a day. A stipend may be offered for any hours after 25 hours. A minimum two month commitment is preferred.

The managerial positions are open for the right-fit applicants with the relevant experience, values, ambition and eagerness to help co-create something lasting and beautiful with us. Each position is slightly different in tasks and compensation but you can expect a monthly salary of $400 to start, with a raise discussed after 6-12 months of service. We also provide opportunities to earn more income based on your interest and skill level.


We are looking for people who have a daily yoga or meditation practice and wish to support their practice with selfless service – volunteering for the right reasons. Our mission is to provide a positive uplifting environment and to support all inner work. Our volunteers see selfless service as an integral part of going deeper into their practice and do so with a meditative mindset. Finally, we are seeking community members who are willing to follow a vegetarian diet, as we do not allow meat, fish or eggs on our property.


Why not immediately? What better time to embark on a new, life-transforming journey than NOW

We look forward to connecting and, if it feels right, welcoming you out to the Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Center in Pahoa, Hawaii!

What is provided: Daily yoga, meditation, and retreat-quality, community-style meals. Living and engaging with amazing people coming from all parts of the world, who almost all share an interest of living, being, and creating more intentionally. The all encompassing beauty of the land, from thriving tropical vegetation, our sprawling orchard of lush fruit trees and rainbow eucalyptus, the ever-changing ambient music of coqui frogs, bamboo shifting in the wind, waves crashing in the distance, and various iridescent birds that grace us with their presence. Access to our charming facilities, such as the Yoga Hall, Meditation Pavilion, Community Kitchen, and Jungle Showers. Participation of insightful classes & workshops and the encouragement to offer your gifts to the community and grow as a retreat cofacilitator. Free Wifi and laundry. Less than one mile from the lava-heated hot ponds and beach at Isaac Hale Park. Fifteen minutes from the marvelous, cliff-shrouded black-sands and welcoming waters of Kahena Beach.

And let’s not forget the perk of living in one of the most majestic places in the world, the Big Island of Hawaii is a unique gem of a place! The perks that flow forth from being here are endless!


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