Free eco-volunteering in Florida

Free eco-volunteering in Florida

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Kashi Ashram is a residential spiritual community located on 80 acres in Sebastian, Florida. Shrines and temples dedicated to many of the world’s great spiritual traditions surround the sacred “Ganga” pond at the center of the Kashi Ashram’s grounds.

Kashi ashrams are also located in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, with several small centers and thousands of associated individuals around the world. Kashi Ashram offers retreats, weekly classes in Kali Natha Yoga, meditation & chanting, and other programs through the Kashi School of Yoga.

About the eco-volunteer program

The position is an exchange of 30 hours per week working for camping space in the Sustainable Kashi Eco-village. You will need your own tent and sleeping gear.

There is an outdoor kitchen, composting toilet, and outdoor showers available. All volunteer positions are for three weeks. Dry goods (beans, rice, oats, etc.) will be provided as well as a community dinner twice per week.
The program is an intensive off-grid experience where you will  get a hands on education on permaculture, intentional community, and exploring a spiritual lifestyle.
The mission is to create a space to learn and to use permaculture  principles to teach others how to reconnect to the ecosystem.  You will stay in the off grid ecovillage using renewable energy system including solar power and
rainwater catchment. You will have access to the eco-village kitchen, which is always stocked with food to make your own meals. It’s a vegetarian community and there is no meat allowed on the grounds.
There is wifi on site, but no laundry facilities. There is also no smoking, drinking of alcohol or drugs permitted.

There are restaurants and bars within driving/ bike riding distance. There will be community meals prepared by our chef, which are offered twice a week.
Working on the grounds there is sweaty work but fun and rewarding! You will learn: organic gardening, alternative
energy, intentional community, and much more. The program continuously runs from October until June and can be joined at any time.
They expect an average of 30 hours of work a week, in return for your  stay. The sub-tropical grounds are beautiful and peaceful to work on.  The spiritual aspects of the community enhance the volunteering
As a volunteer you are welcomed to join in any of the yoga or meditation classes offered 5 days a week.



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Address: Kashi
11155 Roseland Road, Sebastian
FL, 32958
United States
Phone: (772) 589-1403

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