Farm work exchange opportunity in northern Sichuan, China

Farm work exchange opportunity in northern Sichuan, China

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Farm work exchange, volunteer opportunity in Sichuan, China

Walden Farm is a family owned and run farm located in the fertile, hilly northern Sichuan province roughly 115 km north of Chengdu and a half-hour drive from Mianyang. With more than 300 hectares of land, Walden is rather a large agricultural project focusing on ecotourism, education and hospitality. Each year Walden Farm hosts more than 200 volunteers from all corners of the World, so if you are interested in the Chinese culture, sustainable agriculture and would love to discover the south-west part of the country, it’s the perfect place to visit and gain work experience in the agricultural field.

About the work exchange & volunteer program

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about eco-farming methods and the farming business, as well as experience cultural diversity by meeting volunteers from countries all around the world.

There are all sorts of work available on the farm, mainly these are the areas you could help:

  • maintenance & groundskeeping
  • fruit and vegetables picking
  • weeding
  • feeding  and helping with animals
  • cleaning
  • harvesting
  • landscaping
  • wood and metal works – making furniture,
    artwork or more
  • permaculture building and design
  • ecological design
  • marketing, advertising – find new ways to promote the farm.

Generally, volunteers are expected to work at least four hours  a day. Work usually starts early in the morning depending on your daily task, not later than 9 am.

General rules

  • Respect all the animals, plants on the farm and your environment.
  • Be careful not to leave litter anywhere, and don’t pick any wild flowers.
  • Be kind to all the dogs and cats around!
  • Smoking is allowed if you are outside, but bear in mind that the workers are usually only
    allowed to smoke in designated places – so it would be courteous to do the same.
  • Please be really careful how you dispose of your cigarette butts; there are plenty of ash trays andbins around. Do not throw them on the ground or leave them in the rooms etc.
  • If you need a day off or are planning to visit local tourist sites or Jiuling town, please ask
    your  in advance and make sure to let them know when you are leaving so that the family
    are not looking for you or wondering where you are.
  • Make sure that soon after you arrive your host registers you on the
    farm – you need to give in your passports for him to do this.
  • Air conditioning – in summer it is super hot outside so it is fine to use the aircon, but please
    don’t turn it down to low as it will use so much energy maintaining that temperature.
    Setting it at about 26 degrees should be cool enough. Also make sure that whenever you
    have the aircon on, all the windows and doors are shut so you aren’t losing/wasting any of
    the cool air.
  • Make sure to update your host with regards to your plans for staying on the farm. If you want to extend your trip, tell him in advance so he can figure out if there is space for you. When
    you are leaving, try and mention it to him a few days before so it doesn’t come as a
  • Respect the place you live, don’t slam doors and don’t leave things untidy. Take care of
    any equipment you use, for example bikes.

What’s in it for You?

  • As a volunteer, you’ll receive free accommodation, meals and have access to all facilities on the farm such as swimming pool, basketball course, etc…
  • You’ll mainly enjoy your meals in the canteen with other volunteers, family members and workers, made by two Chinese chefs.

More information about this wonderful opportunity is available in the downloadable volunteer booklet available on this link.



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Address: Walden Farm, Jiuling, Jiangyou
Mianyang, Sichuan
Phone: (+86) 18990161310

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