Retreat center work exchange near Wellington, NZ

Retreat center work exchange near Wellington, NZ

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Yoga and retreat center volunteering near New Zealand

Strathean is a spiritual retreat centre based near Otaki beach near Wellington, New Zealand. Strathean Retreat Centre has been around for almost 50 years, and still a very popular yoga and meditation center. The atmosphere is peaceful and spiritually inviting there. Tall native trees, spacious and comfortable bedrooms all contribute to the quiet and restful energy.

About the work exchange & volunteer program

Individuals and couples who are interested in developing or strengthening a spiritual practice and their own personal growth are very welcome to apply for volunteering in the center.

There are a variety of tasks needing workers, from maintaining and enhancing the vegetable gardens, hothouse, general gardens, trees, lawn and orchard, as well as painting and maintaining the buildings, cleaning, cooking, taking yoga classes, preparing for retreats and resetting the property after them. In general,  volunteers are asked to work 5.5 hours work per day (5 days a week). The working day generally follows this routine:

  • 7-8am Meditation
  • 8-9am Breakfast
  • 9-midday Work
  • Midday -1:30pm Free time and lunch
  • 1:30-4pm Work
  • 4pm Onwards free time
  • 6:30-7:45pm Yoga class in evening/ meditate /free time

In return you will receive vegetarian food, often organic. Meditation practice and three weekly yoga classes are also available for volunteers free of charge.

The Honey House and Rose Cottage are accommodation spaces for volunteers. Sometimes volunteers are able to stay in the retreat centre accommodation when a retreat is not on, and then they may have to move within our retreat centre for a retreat, generally over weekends.

Corona virus has affected the centre’s financial stability in a negative way, so a weekly koha (donation) with a suggested amount of $20 per person per day is required if you plan to stay there in the coming weeks. This would be the case for a month and if you still wanted to stay past that time you can probably receive a discount.

Strathean is located in a beautiful part of New Zealand, with Otaki beach 10 minutes away by car in one direction and Otaki forks, with its stunning river and bush walks, 20 minutes in another direction. There are bikes that volunteers can borrow to enjoy the surrounding countryside, or you may wish to walk on the country roads. Strathean is about 5 minutes drive or 40 minutes walk from Otaki township.



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