Retreat work exchange experience in Costa Rica

Retreat work exchange experience in Costa Rica

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Work exchange program in a healing and retreat center in Costa Rica

Echoes of Light is a retreat center providing alternative pathways to healing all aspects of self; physical, mental, and emotional. It’s located on 1.2 Acres of land in the small rural village of Zapote surrounded by mountains and rainforest about 4 -5 driving hours from San Jose. Guests visiting Echoes of Light can choose from different private healing sessions, workshops, and ceremonies as well as different types of plant baths to cleanse and energize the body. Yoga and meditation courses are also available for the visitors.

About the work exchange & volunteer program

Volunteers are welcome to join the retreat center in exchange for lodging in the roof covered tent area (tent, mattresses, and bedding provided) for a 2 week minimum stay.  Volunteers will be asked to help out in one or several of the following areas depending on skills and interests:

  • cleaning,
  • child care,
  • general maintenance,
  • and pet care.


Volunteers are expected to work 3-4 hours daily 5 days per week. You will be responsible to purchase and prepare your own food in the shared kitchen (you will have a refrigerator available to store food as well as access to a gas and wood stove).

What’s in it for You?

​Though volunteers will have to pay for any private sessions, ceremonies, or workshops they choose to participate in, there are discounted prices for many of these activities, and they have the option of participating in the family sweat lodges open to all (mainly on Sundays) for a voluntary donation (whatever they feel they would like to give), and to join the host for free on day trips (if there is an entrance fee then the volunteer is responsible to pay for his/her entrance fee).

Volunteers will have access to a gorgeous garden full of flowers fruits and trees, and a comfortable camp site under roof cover where tents are provided (and basic bedding: a thin mattress, pillow, and blanket) as well as a space to hang laundry, outdoor Eco toilets and outdoor showers. They will also have access to an outdoor resting area  which is also used to do morning yoga classes and afternoon meditation sessions.



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Address: 200 South From Pueblo Nuevo School Pueblo Nuevo, Canalete,
Provincia de Alajuela, Upala,
Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 8964-4445

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