Festival crew volunteers needed for the coming season

Festival crew volunteers needed for the coming season

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Summer festival crew volunteering opportunity

Barcelona based Stoke Travel is aways looking for Legends of the Fest to help make their festival experiences amazing, and unforgettable and as outrageous as possible. In the past  festival crew have included acrobats and electricians, dancers, accountants, hospitality workers, carpenters, bar staff, receptionists, tour guides, soldiers on leave, TV personalities – people from every and all walks of life. If you’ve got a passion for travelling, people and/or partying, then we’re probably going to get along perfectly.

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Springfest, Munich: 5th April – 12th May
San Fermin, Pamplona: 1st July – 17th of July
Oktoberfest, Munich: 19th of August – 14th of October


Regardless of your job title, it’s all hands on deck when it comes to setting up camp. You will be setting up hundreds of tents, blowing up thousands of mattys, building bars, painting masterpieces rain, hail or shine! It’s the most important part of the festival, as the creation of the Stoke Wonderland that WOW factor is vital!.

You guys will be the first point of contact with Stoke. Travelers only get one first impression of us… .and you are it!!! This job requires some smarts, the ability to work hungover, and that beautiful smile of yours. You’ll be checking guests in allocating them a tent and making sure they find a tent runner.

Another one that’ll require some energy (extroverts will froth over this role), but everyone on site will know your face and love you for the sangria/beer you will offer them the second they arrive. You need to know where everything is at camp and the festival, information about buses, what’s for dinner, and most importantly where everyone is sleeping.

This is not just a piss up job, this job requires skill and dedication! Your job is to man the Stoke bar and keep that sangria and beer chilled and flowing. Use those customer service skills you learnt at McDonald’s when you were 14 and pour like you’ve never poured in your life. This role is a non-stop late night role, it’s really important to keep the booze flowing and the party going.

The most important job of the festival, you guys smash out dirty tents as a team and get them ready for the next set of campers. You normally get a sleep in and if you get the job done, you’re finished before the party starts and weekends off if the job is done right. Living the life.

We like to get funky in the kitchen. Working under Stoke head chef Jake, it’s your job to start the party in our mouths. You’ll create and serve some epic meals to our travellers. Smile, know the menu, and pretend that you’re on one of the 128,634 reality cooking shows out there in the world (taste & presentation = a winning combo).

You’re the source of all information and merchandise for customers and staff. You are the Stoke bible. Know the answers for both dumb and intelligent questions, and control bus sign-ups, breakfast tokens, party and Stoke trip tickets, and charging stations. You have a chance to make commission on any ongoing trips you sell.

You are the starter of the party and the mouthpiece of all Stokies combined. From welcoming everybody into the realm of Stokepedia, to getting the lowdown on last night’s happenings, to keeping the attention of the masses, to riling the crowd up with a good yarn and banger on the decks – you’re here to set the tone of the whole festival vibe.

AAAAAAND STOKE GUIDES which is all of you
Your job is to be the most outrageous mo……ker in the place, while still keeping it together and knowing your sh..t. Act confident and spread good vibes. You need to remember where everyone is going, how long it will take, and when you will need to be back at the bus. Have a massive f..ing smile, say a hilarious welcome speech when needed, have all the info, talk to the campers not to the staff, and become BFFs with the bus driver. Most importantly be available to answer questions and help out the travellers!

What’s in it for You?

As you’re volunteering for our festival you’ll be accommodated in our dedicated space for the Stoke Travel Crew. You will sleep in a non-shared tent. We also provide you mattresses and sleeping bags to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. During your stay, you’ll also have access to our kitchen and snack areas.”



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